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Making Jewelry 'Zine, Aug 9 - Jewelry Projects, Ideas & More
August 09, 2008

Hello, jewelry making friends.  Are you looking for fresh free jewelry projects and beading ideas?  Well, I've got more fun projects for you, posted on my blog.  This week, I am featuring quick and easy jewelry projects so you can whip up some new beaded jewelry in no time!  See my photos and click the links below to get right to the project pages with easy step-by-step instructions - and these are just some of the projects I have added to the site.  There are lots more being added soon, in fact, new beading projects are being posted every day on the blog.  

Also, please come join us on the new member pages where you can make beading friends, share your own ideas, ask questions, and more.  It's so great to see the faces and read the profiles of all my new on-line friends.  If you haven't visited the new pages yet, I hope you will drop in and say "hello", we would love to meet you!  I am also posting the latest jewelry and beading supplies sales and coupons on the site.  And, members can post their own photos as well.  Here are just a few photos that members have posted of their jewelry, why not come post your own?

Featured Member Designs

New Features for You

Build your On-line Store

Two great new features have been added to the website.  I have added a "Shop" page where you can build your very own profile and shop page to sell your own jewelry right from my website.  It's free, and you can use it to get more exposure to your jewelry.  This is a great option for you if you don't have a website of your own, and if you do have a website, you can still use your page to link back to your own website (search engines love that sort of thing).  So go boost your popularity on the web, and create your own Shop page right now.  If you need help uploading photos of your jewelry, be sure to read this article on how to take good jewelry photos.

On-Line Bead Swap

I just added a "Bead Swap" page so you can swap beads that you want to trade off in exchange for others.  Just upload photos of the beads that you want to trade, and see if you can make a good swap.  Have fun, and I hope you get some good beads!

Jewelry Making Videos

And, starting this week on the website--free jewelry making videos!  Keep checking as I will be uploading my first jewelry making video series this week to YouTube and on the site.   The first video I made was an adventure--I made a lot of mistakes, but I know my next videos will be improved now that I learned a couple of lessons on how to make them.  I hope you enjoy them!  

Free Jewelry Projects & Ideas

Here are some fun new beaded jewelry projects, I hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration!

I am about to head out to a local craft fair in my neighborhood, the Irvington Artisan Market, where the phrase is to come "join the handmade revolution".  I am sure I will have fun meeting other jewelry artists, as well as get some fresh ideas and inspiration.  It's almost time to think about autumn jewelry and the upcoming holiday season.  Start making jewelry now for holiday sales and craft fairs, and you could have a very successful year selling your jewelry.  In fact, if you're interested in starting a jewelry business, and you haven't already purchased my informative eBook, now is a great time to start turning your jewelry hobby into some income.  

That's it for this week's newsletter. If you enjoy the site, please invite your friends.  The more beaders we get on the site, the merrier!  Have a great week, and have fun beading and making jewelry.  Thanks for visiting!

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