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Making Jewelry 'Zine, Issue #006 -- December Jewelry Books and More
December 30, 2006

Happy New Year,  my fellow jewelry making friends!

Are you feeling frazzled after the holiday rush?  Are you looking forward to some relaxation after the New Year?  Well, me too!  December was a busy month for me.  Unfortunately, I feel behind in uploading new jewelry projects to the website this month, but I promise more ideas are coming just around the corner in January.  I made many great jewelry items to give as gifts this month, and I hope you did too.   If you are a bead and jewelry hobbiest, or if you know someone who is interested in learning this great hobby, then I have good news.  There are two brand new instant download eBooks just uploaded to the website today.  Have you been wishing you could print out the jewelry designs on the site?  Or, have you wanted a book of all the jewelry making How To techniques handy at your bead table?  Well, now you can have both in an instant download.

Announcing Two New Jewelry eBooks

I've spent the last couple of weeks compiling the entire website contents into two great new eBooks.  These two books allow you to print out every single jewelry project and How To on the website and "take 'em with you"--to your bead table where you can use them as a handy reference.  Or, give one of the books to a friend who got new beads as a holiday gift.  If you didn't get the gift you were hoping for this season...then treat yourself!  

"Jewelry Making 101 - Easy How-To Instructions for Making Your Own Handcrafted Jewelry" details everything you need to know to get started making your own beaded jewelry.   Every How To technique on the website has been compiled into this handy guide, now available in an instantly downloadable book! This is a great resource for those who are just learning to make jewelry or if you are trying to pick up some new techniques.


"Jewelry Designs - Easy Designs and Instructions for Making Your Own Handcrafted Jewelry" details everything you need to know to get started making your own beaded jewelry with all the great designs featured on the website.   Every jewelry project on the website has been compiled into this handy guide, now available in an instantly downloadable book!  Print your favorite project sheet, or print them all! Why pay over $7 to download a single project idea from other bead websites when you can have every single project on the making-jewelry website for one low price?

Just for my newsletter subscribers, I have a secret special (not advertised anyplace on the website).  I am giving away one book with the purchase of the second book.  So, anyone from my newsletter subscriber list (only) who buys one of my books in the next month will get the second book at no charge.  And, I am offering these books at a super low price so that everyone has the chance to get these great resources at an affordable price.  You can buy both books for only $9.97!  It's my way of sending  my loyal subscribers a little holiday cheer.  This offer is only good for one month, until the end of January.  There is no mention of this special on the public website, because it is only for my jewelry friends who receive my newsletter.  Follow this special link to get two books for the price of one:

Newsletter Subscribers Only - Two Downloadable Jewelry Books - For One Low Price!

Thanks and I appreciate your interest in my website and books!  I love hearing from you, too, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback or questions!

December Birthstone

December's modern birthstone is the blue topaz or turquoise.   

December Birthstone poem - the Turquoise (from
"If cold December gave you birth
The month of snow and ice and mirth
Place on your hand a turquoise blue
Success will bless whate'er you do."

Topaz is popular in amber/gold colors, as well as blue, but it actually comes in several colors ranging from colorless, to blue, pink, orange, red, champagne, sherry-brown, brown and yellow.  Topaz is rated 8 on the Moh's hardness scale, making is a durable gemstone that is popular in rings and other jewelry.  Topaz mystic lore: Topaz is a wonderful stone to help one with their individuality. Topaz also stimulates creativity as well. It gives you the ability to trust the decisions that you have made. It replaces negativity with joy and love. (from

Turquoise is associated with prosperity, success, happiness, and good fortune.  One of the main compounds of the Turquoise stone is copper. This is what gives it the blue, green, blueish-green colors. It also is often combined with the Azurite stone as well. Turquoise is wonderful for drawing out negative vibrations from a person. (from

If you're looking for December beads, or if you just love working in the cool blue color palette, then check for some great bead deals.  Get some December Blue Beads right now, on eBay!

December Jewelry Supply Specials

Looking for special deals to save some money on jewelry making supplies?  Here is what I have scouted out for you this month! is offering 40% off until January 1 as part of a special "Beads Galore" sale.  

Auntie’s Beads  - Auntie's is always having a sale on something, so be sure to check out their website specials.  Enter code GIVEME5 to get 5% off a hundred dollar order. 

ArtBeads  - Always check for the weekly online coupon for additional savings (this week an added 5% off with code SC75).   Check for Specials on always offers a huge selection of Swarovksi crystal beads in many colors, at great prices.  And, as my newsletter subscriber, you get another $2 off!  To use the Coupon offer, just enter the code MJ2 at checkout. (Thanks to Laura at BestBuyBeads for providing the coupon!)

FoxyFindings sells on eBay auctions, as well as directly from their website.  Foxy Findings is a great source of vintage-look findings and castings made from brass and other metals.  FoxyFindings is also a great place for jewelry kits if you are having a little trouble coming up with a fresh idea.  To use the Discount offer, enter the code FOXY at checkout and receive 15% off your total order.

Happy New Year!  Thanks for reading the newsletter this month. Remember to check often for more “How To’s” and project ideas. We’ve only just begun and there are many exciting things coming on the website. “From inspiration to your creation…” Take care, happy beading, and have a great month!

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