by Kathy Abrahams
(Western Australia)

I'd just like to state that I learnt how to make earrings at a craft group that I attended a few years ago, and loved making pretty earrings.

Some of them were sold at church fetes to raise money, and I have sold jewellery at a local clothing boutique and in a few other outlets as well.

I put making jewellery, mainly earrings, on the backburner for a while as I began pursuing other interests, but have regained my passion for it; and intend to make earrings for sale and for charitable purposes again.

Kathy Abrahams

Editor's Reply

Thanks for sharing your ideas Kathy.

Earrings are simple to make and very effective. The range of materials that you can use to make them is endless, whether it's beads, buttons, shell or wood.

Selling them to raise money for a good cause is a great idea. You can have all the enjoyment of making pretty things as well as the satisfaction of helping someone else less fortunate that yourself.

I love the idea of working with a local clothing boutique too. You could make bespoke sets of jewelry to go with the outfits on sale at the boutique. Or you could offer a service to the boutique to make a unique piece or set to their customers' requirements. Another idea would be to run a prize draw in conjunction with a sale at the boutique.

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