Jewelry Making - Your "How To" Guide

Got beads? You've come to the right place!

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Are you looking for free jewelry making classes to teach you how to make jewelry as quickly (and inexpensively) as possible? Welcome to the "How To" section of! This is where it all comes together, and you can learn all about how to make your favorite jewelry designs right now. I've put it all together in easy to follow, step by step jewelry making instructions for you to follow. It's sort of my Jewelry Design 101 - Crash Course with illustrated instructions for jewelry making. Whether you are a complete beginner to jewelry making, or have been making jewelry for awhile, there is something here for you. Best of all--it's free, it's fun, and I am sure you will find some new techniques and tips to help you on your way to being a fantastic jewelry designer.

More Resources

  • All the jewelry making instructions are available in an instant download for printing - Get your own copy of the eBook - Jewelry Making 101! More…
  • And, every jewelry design project on the website is now available for download and printing in the Jewelry Designs eBook - Download your copy now and print out your favorite projects!More…
  • Once you get started, the sky is the limit for your jewelry hobby or business. Make your own jewelry kits and begin hosting your own jewelry parties! Create wonderful one-of-a-kind items, personalized baby gifts, mother's bracelets and more. Start your own jewelry business on eBay or your own on-line jewelry store. Use your imagination, and most of all, have fun! More…
  • Helpful Links

    Bead Glossary - Learn about the different types of beads that are available so you'll know which ones to buy for your jewelry designs. Learn all about the different types, materials, and sizes of beads from briolette beads to bone beads.

    Jewelry Tools - Learn about all of the tools you might use in making jewelry, such as jewelry pliers and other handy tools.

    Stringing Materials - Learn about all the jewelry stringing materials available and the pros and cons of using different wire and cord in your jewelry designs.

    Jewelry Findings - Learn all about the components you will use to make jewelry from headpins, to lobster clasps, toggle clasps, spring rings, and more.

    Birthstone Chart - Learn the colors of each birthstone and check our handy birthstone month chart so you'll know what colors to use in your birthstone jewelry designs.

    Design Elements - Learn about color, shape, size and other design elements to consider when designing jewelry.

    Common Lengths Learn the common necklace and bracelet lengths so your jewelry will fit nicely.