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Common Jewelry Lengths

Woman wearing a choker

Listed below are the jewelry lengths for necklaces and bracelets.


A choker necklace is designed to fit snugly against the neck.  The choker size will depend on the wearer but chokers are generally about 14 - 16 inches in length. 


A princess length necklace is what is generally the most commonly worn size at it looks great with most necklines.  Again, the finished size will depend upon the size of the wearer's neck as well as comfort, but the standard length is 16 - 20 inches.  For convenience, I tend to make many necklaces with an extender chain on the end, which allows it to be fastened anywhere from about 16-18 inches in length.


A matinee length necklace is a long necklace, often a long strand of beads.  This necklace is generally 23 - 27 inches in length.


This necklace is popular again.  It is a single, very long strand that allows the wearer to loop it once around the neck before tying in a loose knot.  Lariats are made from 36 inches to 50 inches in length.

Common Bracelet Lengths


If you plan to make baby bracelets, either make them with loose elastic or size them from 4 inches.


It is a good idea to measure the wrist, but a child's bracelet will generally be between 5-6 inches.


Generally made 7 inches long, although sizes can range from 6.5-8 inches in length, depending on the wearer's wrist size and preference.  Some people prefer bracelets to fit snug against the wrist.


Anklets are generally 8-9 inches in length.



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