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How to Make Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire wrapping is a form of jewelry design where metal wire is shaped with pliers to create many interesting designs including bezels, chains, and more. 

Are you trying to learn how to wire wrap jewelry?  I remember trying to teach myself how to wire wrap jewelry.   Armed with my jewelry pliers, some cheap copper practice wire, and a couple of different books on jewelry wire wrapping, I set out to teach myself how to make all those beautiful and unique wire wrap jewelry designs.  It was very frustrating at first, but within a few hours I had produced my very first piece, a wire-wrapped bead pendant!  Woo-hoo...success!

You too, can easily learn the art of jewelry wire wrapping with a few simple techniques, some basic supplies, and lots of practice...oh, and a little patience won't hurt either.  Give yourself a couple of hours to learn and don't give up--once you get the hang of this basic technique you can use it to produce dozens of wonderful designs!  Ok, are you ready?  Here we go!

Step-by-Step Basic Wire Wrap Jewelry Instructions


This website is brand new!  More wire wrapping techniques are coming soon, like how to make wire wrapped bezels, wire wrapped rings, and more.  Please bookmark this page and check back!


Additional Wire Wrap Jewelry Resources

Need more help?  Don't give up--There are several options to learn how to wire wrap jewelry.  Here are a few more "how to wire wrap jewelry" resources for your to check out.

One of the most popular and successful jewelry people on the web is, founded by Preston Ruether.  Preston has been providing jewelry business tips and "How To's"  for wire jewelry making for years.  Learn the secrets of his success and how he has helped countless other jewelry designers learn the art and the business of making wire jewelry.  Want to learn more?  Check out his great information by reading more on his website.  Just click one of the links, below.

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Bead Classes

Sometimes it just helps to have someone looking over your shoulder and helping you with these techniques. Try taking a wire wrapping class at a local craft store or bead store.  You might also make some new local jewelry making buddies!


Finally, you can check out some of the wire wrapping books on my Jewelry Books and More page.  Don't worry, it all gets easier with practice!



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