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How to Finish Memory Wire Ends

For memory wire, use super glue or jewelry cement to glue your end caps to each exposed end of the wire to hold the beads in place.  If you don't have end caps, you can simply fold the ends of the memory wire over to hold the beads in place.

Memory wire is so great for making quick and easy pieces of jewelry!  Memory wire now comes in necklace, bracelet, and even ring sizes.  You have two options to complete the ends of a memory wire piece of jewelry.  First, you can use your pliers to create a loop at the end.  The loop will stop the beads from sliding off the ends, and if you like you can also attach a decorative dangle bead to give a more finished look. Second, you can purchase memory wire end caps which are simply glued onto the ends of the wire.

Making a Loop

You will need your flat and round nose pliers.

At the end of the memory wire, use your flat nose pliers to bend a right angle.  Next, using your round nose pliers, make a loop (see wire wrapping for more instructions on how to create a loop).  That's it!  String your beads, then complete the same technique on the other end.  If you like, attach a dangle bead or charm to the loop for a little added style.

Using flat nose pliers, make a right angle bend in the wire:

How to finish memory wire ends

Use round nose pliers to make a loop.  Finished loop:

How to finish memory wire ends

Attach a dangle bead for decoration at the end of your loop.  String the rest of your beads onto the memory wire, and complete this process on the other end:

How to finish memory wire ends


Using Memory Wire End Cap Beads

You will need special memory wire end beads, and some glue.

Add a drop of glue (like ES6000) or jeweler's cement to the end of the wire, and slide it into the memory wire endcap bead.  Hold the bead in place for a minute until the glue takes hold.  Wait a day to wear your jewelry just to make sure there is a secure hold.

Add a drop of glue to end of wire:

How to finish memory wire ends

Attach memory wire end bead to end of wire:

How to finish memory wire ends

Let dry!  String your beads onto the wire, and finish the other end in the same fashion.  Allow a day or so for the cement to dry before wearing your piece.

How to finish memory wire ends




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