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Bead and Jewelry Supply - Headpins

Headpins (or head pins), are used in countless jewelry designs.  They are simply great for making earrings.  Just slide a few beads onto a headpin, make a loop and attach it to your earring component, and you have a pair of earrings.  They can also be used to attach beads to chain for making bracelets and necklaces.  Because you will be using headpins so often in making jewelry, I suggest you buy them in bulk quantities to save money!  

There are many different types of headpins, from plain sterling silver head pins, to 14kt gold filled headpins, and also many now have decorative ends, like Swarovski crystal headpins or Bali bead designs.  I usually go for a fine gauge of wire (24 or 26G) so they will fit easily through bead holes in my pearls and semi precious gemstone beads.  




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