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Turquoise Jasper Pendant

 Turquoise Jasper Pendant

About This Design

Time:  Approximately 2-3 hours

Level of Difficulty:  All Levels (with Basic Wire Wrapping Knowledge)

Cost: Varies, depending on materials selected.  Approximately $25-35 as shown.

I found some lovely large oval turquoise jasper stones, and I thought they would be great focal beads in a turquoise jasper pendant design.  This necklace features the wire-wrapped chain technique, so it is a little time consuming to make, but in the end you will have a gorgeous and very unique pendant design you can be proud to wear, or give as a special gift.  I made this with an extender chain so the necklace length will be adjustable from choker length to standard length necklace.

Want to make this necklace, or a variation of it for yourself?  Let's get started!

Step 1

Gather Supplies

  • 1 large oval focal bead.  I used turquoise jasper.  You can buy the jasper stone that I used, here, or purchase a focal bead at your favorite bead store.
  • 6 medium sized oval turquoise beads. Oval turquoise beads for sale on eBay
  • 1 strand of small to medium sized turquoise beads.  I used green turquoise, and 5 blue turquoise beads on the pendant drop. Turquoise bead strands for sale on eBay
  • 3 aqua blue chalcedony briolette beads, or teardrop shaped beads of choice for the pendant drop.   Blue Chalcedony Briolette Beads for sale on eBay
  • Coil of sterling silver half-hard wire, fine gauge to fit through bead holes.  I used 24G wire.
  • A few inches of bulk link chain, or an extender chain.
  • 1 lobster claw clasp.
  • 3 head pins

Need Supplies?  Check my Jewelry Supply pages to find what you need!

Turquoise Jasper Pendant


Step 2

Craft the pendant drop

We will use some sterling silver wire to  create the pendant drop detail.    Cut a length of wire and slide it through the jasper bead, making a closed wire loop on either end of the bead.   If you need help learning to make a loop, follow these instructions.  

Next, cut a length of wire (about 10 inches or 25 cm) and using round nose pliers, begin creating five loops in the center of this wire, forming one loop close together to the last loop, spacing each loop evenly along the wire.  These loops will form the bottom part of the pendant where we will hang the drop beads.  TIP - You will need to keep adjusting the tips of the round nose pliers on the wire as you wrap the wire around them.  Once you have five loops, please the wire in the center of the focal oval bead, and using your fingers, shape the wire so that it wraps up the side of the bead, forming a curve shape that matches the bead shape and size as closely as possible.  Take note or mark (with sharpie marker) where the wire crosses the loops on the side of the bead where we will attach the wire components together.

Now we'll attach this bottom wire component to the bead at the wire loops on either end of the bead.  Make a round loop with your pliers at the point where the wire will attach to the bead.  Note the angle--these loops attach on the side of the bead, so make sure you make the loop in the right direction so it will hang down.  Use a simple open loop to attach the wire, so it hangs freely and easily below the focal bead.  

This is the hardest part of making this necklace, so don't be too frustrated if you need to try this more than once the first time you are learning the technique.  If all else fails, you wasted a few inches of wire and you can start again.

Now, let's attach the drop bead details.  First, using a length of sterling wire, we will attach the chalcedony briolette beads. 

Cut several inches of sterling silver wire.   Slide the chalcedony briolette bead into the center of the wire.   Bend the ends of the wire up to meet in the middle at the top of the bead.  Follow my instructions for wire wrapping a briolette to make a closed loop at the top with a stem.  Slide a blue round turquoise bead onto the wire stem, and attach it to the bottom of our pendant wire loop using round nose pliers and a closed wire loop technique.  If you need help learning to make a loop, follow these instructions

Alternate, attaching a briolette to the end loops, and center loop of the pendant.  Now, let's attach the other turquoise beads.  Slide each bead onto a headpin and attach it to the bottom of the pendant using a closed loop.  That's it, your pendant detail is completed.

Chalcedony Earrings

Turquoise Jasper Pendant

Step 3

Make beaded chain

Using a closed wire wrap loop to make connected beaded chain, (see instructions), connect the beads together until you reach the desired necklace necklace length.


Turquoise Jasper Pendant

Step 4

Attach clasp, and extender chain

Once your necklace is the desired length, you will attach the extender chain to one end, and the lobster claw clasp to the other.  Just attach the components by sliding them onto the wire loop at one end of your bead, then make a closed wire loop. 

Add a turquoise drop bead detail to the end of the extender chain.  Slide a bead onto a  headpin, and attach the bead to the end of the extender chain with a wire loop.

That's it, your new pendant is ready to wear!

Turquoise Jasper Pendant

Matching Jewelry Set

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Chalcedony Earrings

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Turquoise and Crystal Bead Bracelet





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