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Birthstone Mother's Bracelet

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Blue Crystal Bracelet

About This Design

Time:  Approximately  30 minutes - 1 hour

Level of Difficulty:  Beginner - All Levels

Cost: Varies, depending on materials selected.  Approximately $15-20 as shown 

Mother's Bracelets are very popular designs, so I wanted to make a few options to share on the website.  This simple birthstone mother's bracelet design offers single strand or multiple strand variations. Just pick the design you like the best, select birthstone colored crystal beads representing each child's birthstone, and in minutes you will have created a classic and simply gorgeous Mother's Bracelet.

Want to make this bracelet, or a variation for yourself?  Let's get started!


Step 1

Gather your supplies.  Here's what you'll need.

  • One or more strands of freshwaters pearls, about 5-6mm or desired size.  Quantity of pearls needed will depend on how many strands in your bracelet design
  • Swarovski Crystals - one per child, representing their birthstone.  I used 8mm round and 8mm cube shapes.  Here is a birthstone chart.
  • 2 crimp beads for each strand of the bracelet (2 for a single strand bracelet, 4 for a double strand bracelet, 6 for a triple strand bracelet)
  • Length of flexible beading wire to fit the desired bracelet length, plus a couple extra inches to work with.  Use fine gauge to fit through bead holes.
  • 1 toggle clasp of choice (I used a fancy sterling silver heart).  NOTE - If you are doing a multiple strand bracelet, you will want a larger clasp, or a multi-strand clasp so it lays and wears well on the wrist.  Here are some for sale:  Double strand clasps on eBay, and Triple strand clasps on eBay

Need Supplies?  Check my Jewelry Supply pages to find what you need

Blue Crystal Bracelet


Step 2

Determine your Mother's Bracelet design and string beads on wire

This bracelet can be made in several design variations.

Tie a knot on one end of the wire, or place some tape over the end, and string all of your beads onto the wire.    Check the length and overall design and make adjustments by adding, removing, or re-positioning beads until you are happy with the look of the bracelet.  

TIP - You can start a bracelet by attaching the clasp to one end first,  However, if you are unclear about your final design or the finished bracelet length, it is best to simply tie a knot or place some tape over the end of the jewelry wire, string your beads, and once you are happy with the design and length, attach the clasps to the ends.  This way, if you find you need to subtract or add beads you can just remove the tape or knot and work from either end without having to cut off your clasp and start the whole thing over!

Here are some design variations you can try.  Select the one you like best.

Option 1 - Double or Triple strand with kid's birthstone beads strung in the exact center of the strand.


Blue Crystal Bracelet

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Option 2 - Double or Triple strand with three kid's birthstone beads strung in an offset design, so they are not perfectly aligned in the center (Add or remove pearls from either end to get this look).  Stagger the beads:

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Option 3 - A single strand design with one or more kid's birthstone beads strung in the center of the bracelet.  Each end crystal bead is offset with Bali silver spacers and separated by pearls for more interest.

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Step 3 

Crimp ends and attach the clasp

Slide a crimp bead onto the wire, feed the wire through the clasp loop, then back through the crimp bead.  Pull the wire snug, and crimp the bead closed.   Follow the How to Use Crimp Beads instructions if you are not familiar with this technique.  Repeat on other side, making sure you pull the wire tight to beads before crimping.  TIP -  Because this is a toggle clasp, you will want to leave a little "play" in the wire so the clasp is easy to put on, so leave a little room where the loop of wire attaches to the clasp.  Cut off remaining tails of wire with flush cutters.

TIP - As an option, try the new crimp bead covers to hide crimps for an even more finished look.

That's it! Your gorgeous new Birthstone Mother's Bracelet  is ready to wear or give as a great gift!



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