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Lemon Quartz Lariat

Lemon Quartz Lariat

About This Design

Time:  Approximately 1-2 hours

Level of Difficulty:  All Levels (with Basic Wire Wrapping Knowledge)

Cost: Varies, depending on materials selected.  Approximately $50-60 as shown.

Inspired by the geometric shapes, link chain, the return of gold, and some very find beads in my stash--I devised a very unique lariat necklace featuring a lemon quartz drop, a handcrafted wire toggle, pearls and citrine beads.  Make your own variation using any pearls, gemstone beads, and a crystal or stone bead drop.

Want to learn how to make this necklace, or a variation of it for yourself?  Let's get started!


Step 1

Gather Supplies

Notes:  Decide how long you want your handcrafted necklace to be.   I went for a standard 16 inch length (plus drop), so I have about 14 inches of oval link chain, and will make enough beaded chain to complete the remaining few inches.

  • 1 focal drop bead.  I used a large faceted lemon quartz teardrop bead, but any drop crystal or briolette shaped bead will work. Lemon Quartz Beads on eBay
  • Approximately 12-16 inches of bulk gold link chain (I used base metal gold-toned chain, but 14KT gold-filled will work).  The amount of chain you will use will depend on the finished length and how much beaded chain you incorporate into your own design. Bulk Gold Chain on eBay
  • 6 gold-filled  headpins, thin gauge to fit through bead holes in pearls and citrine beads
  • 2 gold bead cap (for the top and bottom of the focal drop bead)
  • 14 assorted pearl beads (or beads of choice)
  • 2 faceted citrine beads (or beads of choice)
  • 14KT Gold-filled wire in thin gauge to fit through pearl bead holes (about 24 gauge) and thicker gauge to make the toggle (about 20 -22 gauge)

 Lemon Quartz Lariat

Need Supplies?  Check my Jewelry Supply pages to find what you need!

Step 2

Begin making the Pendant Drop

Cut about 4 inches of your bulk gold chain.  Let's start by making the focal pendant.  Slide a bead cap, focal bead, and bead cap onto a long headpin.  Make a closed wire loop, attaching the bead drop to the bottom of the chain.   If you need help wire wrapping a loop, just follow these instructions.

TIP - If your focal bead is a top-drilled bead or briolette, follow these instructions.

Next, using headpins, attach pearls and other beads randomly along the chain above the drop bead, with closed wire loops.  I attached three pearls and two faceted citrine beads about every three links.


 Lemon Quartz Lariat


Step 3

Make the toggle

Cut a one inch length of cable chain.  Decide how large you want the diameter of the toggle to be.  It should easily fit over the focal bead, but not be so large that the beads might fall out of it.  I made my toggle just a little larger than my focal drop bead.  Wrap the wire around any round form such as a small bottle or hairbrush handle.  Form a round shape in the wire, then bend one end of wire up at a right angle to create a stem, and wrap the "tail" piece of wire around the stem a few times.  Using the stem, form a wire loop and attach the end to the one inch length of cable chain, then close the loop, wrapping the wire back around the stem.  Cut off remaining wire and tuck in any rough ends with your flush cutters. 

Gold Chandelier Earrings

Gold Chandelier Earrings

Step 4

Begin making and attaching beaded chain to cable chain

I made my design asymmetrical, meaning I didn't use the exact number of pearls in the same placement on either side of my necklace.  Your finished design is totally up to you.  Using the technique to make beaded chain (click here for instructions), attach several pearl beads together and attach them to the length of cable chain with the toggle.  Continue alternating cable chain and pearl chain until you have the necklace at the desired length, and attach the final end of the pearl chain to the beaded drop. 

 That's it.  Your one-of-a-kind lariat is ready to wear!

Lemon Quartz Lariat

Lemon Quartz Lariat

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