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Stretch Bracelet Set

 Stretch Bracelet Set

About This Design

Time:  Approximately  30 minutes - 1 hour

Level of Difficulty:  Beginner - All Levels

Cost: Varies, depending on materials selected.  Approximately $10-20 as shown 

Stretch bracelets are very popular because they are generally inexpensive and easy to make.  Here I have combined earthy colors of beads in a great stretch bracelet set that features a Hill Tribe Silver leaf charm, tied with leather for a rustic feel.

Want to make this bracelet, or a variation for yourself?  Let's get started!

 Step 1

Gather your supplies.  Here's what you'll need.

  • Three strands of beads.  I used earth tone colors, but any beads in complementary color schemes will work for your set.  I mixed a few Swarovski crystals into one strand for a little sparkle.
  • Stretch cord.  Use a diameter that fits through your bead holes.  I used Stretch Magic .5mm and ran two strands through each bead for added strength.
  • Jewelry cement or glue (like G-S hypo cement)
  • Optional - 3 crimp beads (1 for each strand of the bracelet if you prefer crimping to knotting the cord)
  • 1 charm of choice.  I used a Hill Tribe Silver leaf charm   Here are some for sale:  Double strand clasps on eBay
  • 1 small piece of leather, suede or ribbon cord for tying the three bracelets together and attaching the charm

Need Supplies?  Check my Jewelry Supply pages to find what you need

 Stretch Bracelet Set

Step 2

String beads on elastic cord

Cut several lengths of elastic cord, leaving several extra inches to make it easy to knot.  If your cord is very fine, you might want to use two strands per bracelet to make it stronger.

Decide how long your bracelet will be, and determine the placement of the beads  in your design.  You can use a bead board or ruler to check the length.  I made my bracelet about 7 inches long to fit the wrist snugly.

Tie a knot on one end of the elastic, or place some tape over the end, and string all of your beads onto the elastic cord.    Check the length and overall design and make adjustments by adding, removing, or re-positioning beads until you are happy with the look of the bracelet.  

Step 3

Next, pull the cord so the elastic is taut (so it has some spring to it and the bracelet will fit snugly) and tie your knots.  Follow my instructions on how to use elastic cord. Another option is to use a crimp bead instead of a knot.  If you are tying knots, it helps to use a "third hand" tool as I have in this photo, to hold the cords tight while you are tying the knot and applying glue.  Glue is not really optional!  When knotting, you must use glue otherwise at some point your knot will likely come free and your bracelet will break.  Apply a dab of glue to your knot (a headpin makes a handy tool) and hold it steady for at least 30 seconds so the glue can dry before proceeding.  Generally it's a good idea to wait 24 hours to wear the bracelet to allow glue to completely dry.

Stretch Bracelet Set

Using a crimp bead in place of a knot:

If you prefer the easy of a crimp bead to knotting, feed the cords through either side of the crimp bead in opposite directions like this.  Pull the elastic taut, then use your crimping tool or pliers to crimp the bead.  TIP - A drop of glue might not be a bad idea inside the crimp for added security, just be sure you clean it off your crimping pliers before it dries and gums things up.

Stretch Bracelet Set

Repeat for each bracelet.  Make as many strands as you like, I made three bracelets in complementary colors.

Stretch Bracelet Set

Step 4 

Attach the charm

Slide your charm onto the leather cord.  Tie the three bracelets together with a knot.  Leather cord, suede, or ribbon works well for this purpose.

Example - Suede lace tie with no charm

Stretch Bracelet Set

Here it is with black leather cord and the Hill Tribe Silver leaf charm:

Stretch Bracelet Set

That's it! Your gorgeous new stretch bracelet set  is ready to wear or give as a great gift!



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